Sunday, November 29, 2009

Micky for my custom made cheong sam

It has been a while since I last updated my progress.
I have decided to engage Micky Tan to custom made cheongsam. The reasons I selected her is because her reputation, her design and most importantly, she goes shopping with me to get the fabric. She is highly recommended in some forums.

Why do I need her to go shopping with me?
If I let her choose everything, I am just afraid that she might not get the lace I like. Because motifs on the lace is very important since I am having it all around the cheongsam.
If I choose the fabric by myself, I might not get the right material.
So the best way will be shopping together. ^_^

Few weeks ago, HTB and I went browsing at Jalan TAR. We saw many types of lace, ranging from 100+ to 500. Lace from Korea, Japan and most expensive will be french lace. That was the first time we survey on lace. Well, just as they said "What you pay is what you get."

Some of the motifs are very crowded. Some are scarce. Some with thick borders, some with thin border. The choices of lace are really amazing. I was only looking at black lace. White lace have more choices and larger range!!!

Anyway, there is a lace that we specially adore. The lace is fine and the motifs are scattered. The border is very attractive. Price ? RM495 per meter. That is actually the most expensive lace I we seen.

Today, we went shopping for fabric with Micky. We arrived at Jalan TAR about 2:30pm. We passed by Binwani first. I told Micky about the black french lace that we adore. We went in and had a look. Micky agreed that it is a very good quality and nice lace. We tried it on red satin. It look fabulour. Hehehehee...... Ms. Alice was the sales assistance who serviced us. The lace is at 20% discount during the sale. We got extra 5% as Micky is the regular customer there. Price per meter after discount will be RM371.

In our previous meeting, Micky said that she will need 2.5meters for my cheong sam. Binwani has 2 pieces in stock. 1 with 2m and 1 with 3.5m.
Micky suggested to have a look at other shop since this lace is pricey and the length is either too much or too short.

We went to another shop, looked at a few available black lace. Well, as expected, nothing can beat the first one. Once you seen the best one, others are not good enough. At that right moment, Micky thought of an idea to improvised. With the limited 2m lace, she can add black sheer chiffon to make the dress look more flair.

That is a brilliant idea. I can get the lace I like and with 0.5 meter less, I saved some cost. I agreed with Micky and so decided to return to Binwani get the 2m black lace. ^_^ Total cost us RM742 for the lace. We sat down to discuss the detail of the design and Micky took my measurement on the spot. Luckily Micky said that my body measurement is well propotionate, so my dress should not be a problem. Thank god I shed some pounds earlier. Better loose more, well, at lease not gaining any.

We later bought 2m of red dutchess satin from the 2nd shop. Cost RM100. That was almost about 50% discount. Further we will require 3m of chiffon and inner lining. We agreed that Micky can get those on my behalf. We gave her RM100 for it.

Well, the shopping finally ended and a very happy ending. Now, very excited about the end result. Hope it turn out well.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Chris from 'That Special Occassion'

After we spoke to Cheryl from Armadale, we went to see Chris from 'That Special Occassion'. They made this dress in the picture. Cheongsam that I wanted is similar to this. Silk and fully laced. *^_^* Isn't it fabulous?
He told me what materials to buy and how much to buy. His workmanship is not too expensive (RM700).
The most expensive part of this dress would be the lace. Chris drew us a map, to let us know where we could get the fabric and laces. It is along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.
Well now. Should I do similar like this in the photo or according to Cheryl's idea?!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wanted: Custom made cheongsam

Wow~ The past weekend has gone really crazy. Last week, he promised to sponsor me a custom made cheongsam for our wedding. I am so happy and have been very excited about this.

I have been working very hard to lose weight for my wedding (in order to look FABULOUS in my wedding gown). Still working hard now. Since June, I have lost almost 7 kg. Now at the weight of 57.8 kg. I am very proud of myself. Still another 3 more kg to reach my initial target.

On Saturday, we went to Armadale, met up with Cheryl. Purpose of this meeting is to get the quotation and find out whether I look good in cheongsam ^_^ . I told her I wanted a full laced cheongsam. She let me try on a custom made gown of another bride. It is red silk covered by black net on upper top and flowing with chiffon at the bottom. A very lovely dress.
I have also tried on a mermaid cut cheongsam. To my own surprise, I was able to pull it off quite well this time.

When I first went to Armadale in June, I tried on quite a number of gown which include mermaid cut as well. But I didn't look good at all. My friend who went with me commented that my body shape is not suitable for mermaid cut. Actually, I did agree with her. Especially on my fat tummy, I looked 'uninteresting' and 'unbearable'.

Thanks to the few kgs that I lost and the bedtime exercise to flatten my tummy, I think I am more look more confident now. Even he said it looks nice on me. Please don't think that I am now having 36-24-36 body. In fact, mine is 35-29-37. I know, looking at the number, I am large. But look quite balance on the mermaid cut cheongsam. I am working extra hard now to lose 1-2 inches more for my waist. I am determine to look fabulous on my cheongsam.

Anyhow, enough talking about my large body. Let's get back to the cheongsam.

Cheryl suggested to have something similar to the first dress I tried on. Red silk and fully covered with black net. Then sew on the lace pattern onto certain part of the net. This will not make the cheongsam look too over crowded by the pattern.

The silk will be tube top and the net will be halter neck over the silk. I will have a slit at the side of the front and cover by the net. The back will be deep v-bare back. I have an idea of hanging some deco from the collar. It will add some sense of modern. But haven't decide whether it will be silver deco or red deco (like those chinese new year deco).

Well, Cheryl gave a very good idea. But let's hope that all these can fit within his budget of 2k.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The first step

First step of every marriage?! Of course is the PROPOSAL!
Every girl dreamt of having the perfect proposal. At least when friends ask, you can proudly tell the romantic story and scenario.

My proposal did not really go according as my dream proposal.

It was a weekday and I was working late that night having disucssion with my manager. He met me near my office, we went to our usual dinner place in different cars. This is a chinese restaurant which serve dishes, fried noodles and rice. We had our usual dinner and usual chats.

I went into my car after dinner, but he asked me to wait. He went into his car, brought out a bouquet of flower and a box. I was so shocked. He came into the car and he proposed.

This is the bear in the box. I named her as the "mama bear".
I know he is sincere. I never doubt his love to me. But where is my romantic dinner? Where is the music? It ends up in front of a 'dai cao' chinese restaurant.

Well, he blamed me on working too late. Haha....

The most important thing.... his true love to me, and he promised to take care of me for the rest of my life.